Coi Leray Wants Smoke After New Zealand Crowd Throws Mystery Item on Stage

Looks like Coi Leray wanted all of the smoke after this incident!

During her New Zealand performance on Oct 2, the Jersey native lost her cool after it appeared that a fan threw something at her while she was on stage performing. She stopped her set to inform the crowd she’s from Jersey.

“And I flew 20 hours across states. I’m from Jersey,” she began. “Don’t let this fame **** get to you. I will really smack the **** outta you. [But I gotta keep it] professional. So don’t ******* play wit’ me.  Keep that **** on cute, or put it the **** on mute *****” she exclaimed. 

According to fans that shared various clips of the incident on TikTok, Leray allegedly challenged the mysterious fan after they threw something on stage during her performance.

After no one came forward to admit their disrespectful action, Leray decided to keep it professional and continue her set by performing her latest hit, “Players.”

“Now let’s play ‘Players’ and get the **** outta here,” she said.

It is unclear what prompted the mysterious fan to throw the mysterious item on stage. However, that didn’t stop fans from sharing their commentary about the incident.

As fans took to social media, they commented that they don’t “take her seriously,” and cracked jokes about how they would have “snapped her in half.”

Within the last year, artists have been faced with the recurring issue of fans throwing items on stage. However, some artists took matters into their own hands, and decided to fight back.

Back in July, GRAMMY award-winning rapper, Cardi B turned a microphone into a weapon after a fan threw ice water during her Drai’s Beach Club concert on Jul. 29. 

In 2021, Rico Nasty nearly fought a fan as she served as the opener to Playboy Carti’s “King Vamp Tour” after the concert attendee threw a bottle at her during her set. 

It appears that the unfavorable fan behavior will continue, as video clips continue displaying this behavior to be posted. 

Do you think Coi Leray was buggin’ or do you think her actions were valid? Let us know in the comments.

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