Dave Chappelle Comments On Israel-Hamas War Sparks Walkout At Boston Show

As many celebrities remain tight-lipped regarding the recent events regarding the war between Israel and Hamas, Dave Chappelle shared his opinion during a recent show. 

The controversial comedian sparked a walkout on Thursday, Oct. 19, at the TD Garden after he shared his takes on Israel’s “war crime” actions in the Gaza. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the 50-year-old comedian began to defend college students as many young people began to stand up and speak out during the war. 

As he explained why he believes the young students shouldn’t face repercussions from their workplace, and even face possible firing, a show attendant prompted Chappelle to “shut up” which caused him to continue to share his opinions. 

Chappelle continued his speech by criticizing Israel for allegedly isolating Gaza. He also condemned Israel for allegedly cutting off Gaza’s water supply, and access to other necessities, while heavily bombarding Gaza after the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7 which sparked the most recent conflict, according to the Journal.

The legendary comedian also condemned the United States for its role in funding the war. At the end of his speech, Chappelle stated that he believes that two wrongs don’t make a right in reference to Israeli policies and Hamas attacks.

As many Palestine supporters in the crowd shouted “free Palestine” in agreement to Chappelle’s thoughts, many fans began to leave the venue after they heard the heavy criticism. 

However, as Chappelle faced backlash, he denied being in Boston during the very night of the show. 

Chappelle is no stranger to causing controversy at his stand-up shows, back in 2022 he was attacked while on stage during his Hollywood Bowl show in Los Angeles due to his jokes regarding the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Do you think that Dave Chappelle should have left the subject alone, do you think he will see a financial backlash for his statements. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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