Desiigner Allegedly Violates His Pretrial Release Terms

Desiigner may face heavier repercussions after violating these terms!

After being accused of committing a lewd act on a plane, the “Panda” rapper has apparently broken the terms of his pretrial release and could be facing time behind bars. 

According to TMZ, The Brooklyn rapper’s probation officer testified in court documents that the 26-year-old admitted to consuming marijuana but failed to appear for a drug test in July.

Now, after having violated the terms of his pretrial release, Desiigner’s PO is requesting that the judge decide whether to revoke his pretrial release.

Back in April, the rapper was accused of masturbating during one of his alleged “multiple” exposures while seated in the Delta One cabin of a flight, resulting in a charge of indecent exposure. 

After the incidents, he reportedly received an FAA infraction card and was escorted to the back of the aircraft with two other passengers for observation. He was then seized and questioned by the FBI after landing.

According to Complex, Desiigner admitted to the police that he “didn’t really get much… cootie” during his trip to Tokyo.

Desiigner allegedly admitted in court documents that he was “brick hard” when he arrived at his seat. He claimed that, after being aroused by one of the flight attendants, he “kind of showed her, showed her, uh, ‘the magic stick’” as “encouragement.”

After being charged with indecent exposure, Desiigner was given orders to avoid all contact with potential victims, abstain from drinking, and not use any controlled substances.

In addition, the PO said that Desiigner hasn’t confirmed that he’s gone to the needed treatment sessions or signed the co-payment agreement for the required drug test. Additionally, he allegedly neglected to provide the probation office with a P.O. Box address.

Before the allegations hit the internet, Desiigner issued a statement expressing regret for his behavior.

“For the past few months, I have not been fine, and I have been striving to understand what is happening,” he said. “I had to be admitted to a hospital while traveling abroad for a concert I performed at because I couldn’t think straight. I was given medication and had to board a flight home.

Afterward, Desiigner reportedly sought out mental health treatment.

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