Desiigner Pleads Guilty To Indecent Exposure Charge

To avoid any jail time, Desiigner is now pleading guilty to an indecent exposure charge.

After violating his pretrial release terms for his indecent exposure scandal, the Brooklyn rapper will not be facing jail time as he formally entered his plea deal on Friday.

The “Timmy Turner” rapper accepted the suggested punishment, which included a $5K fine, two years of probation, 120 hours of community service, and a formal apology to the flight attendants.

According to TMZ, Desiigner’s attorney pleaded with the judge to refrain from placing travel limitations that would interfere with his plans of touring globally this year, and next year.

Back in April, Desiigner was charged with indecent exposure when it was reported that he masturbated while seated in the Delta One cabin during his flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis.

He claimed that he “didn’t really get much… cootie” during his trip to Tokyo, and flashed his “magic stick” to one of the flight attendants that got him “brick hard” as “encouragement.” As a result he reportedly received an FAA infraction card and was led with two other passengers to the back of the plane for observation. After arriving in Minneapolis he was taken into custody and questioned by the FBI.

Desiigner was ordered to avoid all contact with prospective victims, refrain from drinking, and refrain from using any controlled substances after being accused of indecent exposure. However, on Friday, Aug. 11, his probation officer claimed that he violated his pretrial release terms. 

The PO additionally argued that Desiigner hadn’t acknowledged attending the mandatory therapy sessions or agreed to pay the co-payment for the necessary drug test. He allegedly failed to give the probation agency a P.O. Box address as well.

Desiigner released a statement before the accusations became viral on the internet, apologizing for his actions.

“For the past few months, I have not been fine, and I have been striving to understand what is happening,” he said. “I had to be admitted to a hospital while traveling abroad for a concert I performed at because I couldn’t think straight. I was given medication and had to board a flight home.”

Do you think that Desiigner will have his traveling privileges snatched after flashing the flight attendances? Or do you think the judge will give the Brooklyn rapper a slap on the wrist? Check out No Jumper for continuous updates on this case.

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