Diddy Given The Key To New York City

Mayor Eric Adams presented the key to Mr. Sean Combs. On September 15, Diddy was given the key to the city of New York. The event took place in Manhattan at Time Square.

“Despite all of his successes, Sean has never forgotten where he came from — giving back to New York City, donating millions to underserved communities, and supporting aspiring Black entrepreneurs” The Mayor said.

“Sean Combs has proven to be a singular, generational talent” he continued.

Along with awarding him the key to the city they announced that 9.15.23 is Diddy Day. Diddy was accompanied by his team and family. His sons attended and stood by his side as he received the key to the city.

Sean “Diddy” Combs then thanked the mayor and the people of New York City after being presented with the key.

“I want to thank you all for this honor and just recognizing me being from New York, giving me the Key to the City,” Diddy said.

“God blessed me with a second chance at life,” Diddy continued to say, “I’ve decided there’s another mountain for me to conquer. I’m looking for the next era in my life, and that’s the love era. That’s really being a unifier, fighting for radical change and making some beautiful music for people to feel good to.”

Diddy released his first album in 2006. He has features such as The Weekend, Justin Bieber and Fabolous. The mayor and Diddy exchange hugs and hold the key together while posting up a heart with their hands.

Diddy Goes into detail expressing how grateful he is, and how it feels as if he is living in a movie with all the things, he has been able to accomplish.

“You see it in movies, but you really don’t imagine … getting the key to the city of New York. And so, it’s just like I’m living in a movie right now. And it just feels like I’m living a dream, and it feels beautiful.” he shared.

Diddy also states how Biggie would be so proud of everything he has accomplished.

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