DJ Akademiks Continues Ongoing Feud With Erykah Badu

It appears like DJ Akademiks isn’t letting up on Erykah Badu anytime soon!

In the midst of their ongoing feud, he recently posted further comments online about the singer. 

“Not one n***a came to your defense,” he exclaimed. “That’s how I know you’ve been spreading the p***y all over the industry.” 

The angered social media personality continued his rant against the “Tyrone” singer and her decision to use him for her latest successful marketing strategy for her limited edition incense.

“I will give you credit, you are a marketing person and took advantage of this and I’ll give you applause,” he explains, “You got your little joke off before. I just had to call you a little used-up c-m rag because if you know, you know, I’m sorry to tell you I’m keeping it a bean! I’m keeping it 100. Y’all keeping it 100 about me I’m keeping it 100 about y’all! I ain’t taking back a muthaf—kin’ thing. But yeah ain’t no n-gga came to your defense.”

When Tory Lanez received a 10-year sentence for his involvement in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, Akademiks originally turned on Badu. The host labeled Badu as an “old-ass h*e” and said she had been “ran through” by multiple rappers.

It is possible to pinpoint Badu’s slick joke from 2017 as the cause of Akademiks’ resentment toward the artist. She told Akademiks that he reminded her of “Jerry,” the cartoon mouse from “Tom & Jerry.”

Akademiks launched an attack on Badu on Wednesday, August 9, earlier this month, calling her “ran through” and accusing her of sleeping around. 

“Here’s another thing, someone said ‘Erykah Badu work your magic,’” he said. “Erykah Badu… Let me tell you this. You keep my name our your mouth too. … That Everyday Struggle shit was another era my n***a.”

After Badu got word of his rant, she released her own statement, further embarrassing him. 

“I learned something so valuable today, fam,” the singer said on Instagram Live. “You have to really be careful what you think and what you say out here. I learned today that something I said five years ago in jest when we all laughed actually triggered someone’s really deep-rooted trauma. They kept it bottled up for a while, and it hurt them so bad, it had them out in these streets acting real p****.”

As she continued to troll the former Complex host, she introduced her new limited-edition premium “Badu P—y” incense. The jokes didn’t stop there; Badu decided to escalate matters further as she shared the packaging of the limited-edition incense (a picture of a Jerry meme that is often used to compare Akademiks). She also said that she is dedicating the product to him, dubbing him the biggest “p—y” “in our culture.” Needless to say, the limited supply sold out.

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