DJ Envy Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Former NFL Player Tony ‘The Closer’ Robinson

After publicly accusing DJ Envy of being a crook, former NFL player Tony “The Closer” Robinson was hit with a defamation lawsuit.

Details on the slander lawsuit DJ Envy, real name Raashaun Casey, brought against former NFL player turned real estate investor Tony “The Closer” Robinson were revealed on Thursday.

Envy is accusing Robinson of spreading damaging rumors on social media regarding the radio personality’s ongoing legal issues regarding suspicious real estate operations. The allegations of defamation are based on many social media posts in which Robinson described Envy as a “thief,” “criminal,” and “scammer” who runs a “Ponzi scheme” and has “stolen millions.” 

The heinous charges are part of a lawsuit filed against Envy’s business partners, Cesar and Jennifer Pina, which The Breakfast Club host has tried to dismiss.

He also mentioned an Instagram live video chat he had with Robinson, which Robinson allegedly used to “prove” the DJ was aware of the Pinas’ apparent lie. Many of Pina’s clients have allegedly accused him of money mismanagement, according to AllHipHop. 

According to the publication, Robinson also mentioned in his tweets that Envy and Pina have 20 foreclosed properties.

Robinson’s accusations, according to Envy’s legal team, have hurt the radio personality’s chances of securing business deals and binding agreements with possible business partners. The radio host is requesting restitution as well as punitive penalties.

The former athlete isn’t giving up, though. On Thursday, he fired back at the slander lawsuit on Twitter, stating he wouldn’t be intimidated into keeping quiet about the allegedly millions of dollars taken from the New Jersey area in question. 

“First, they tried to send goons to my crib to silence me from telling the victims story now they trying to bully me in court!! Naw, you won’t push me around as you let your partner steal millions from the community #NoRefundsNoPeace,” Robinson tweeted.

Rick Ross joined in criticizing Envy by sharing a video of him and Robinson hanging around, following their growing beef over their car show competition.

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