DJ Envy’s Attorney Calls Him ‘A Victim’ and States He Will Cooperate In Cesar Pina Case

As the Breakfast Club host continues to face legal troubles, his attorney shares that he will cooperate against his former real estate partner, Cesar Pina. 

DJ Envy is currently under investigation in connection to Pina’s recent arrest on a multi-million dollar fraud scheme on Oct. 18. Envy’s lawyer stated that he is a victim of Pina’s ponzi-scheme, and that he will cooperate against his former business partner. 

“DJ Envy is a victim of the purported fraudulent real estate scheme and sits in the same shoes of the other victims, and, of course, he will assist and cooperate to get his investment back, along with those of the other alleged victims,” Massimo D’Angelo, Envy’s lawyer told XXL.

According to NBC New York, D’Angelo revealed that DJ Envy had nothing to do with those swindled out of money. Envy allegedly invested $500K in one of Pina’s deals.

“Per my client’s dismissal motions, which are a matter of public record, my client had nothing whatsoever to do with the specific deals concerning Pina’s alleged real estate scheme,” D’Angelo said. 

“As such, any reference to my client’s involvement in the purported scheme is solely for purposes of sensationalizing the case because of his celebrity status. In fact, my client is a victim, having also invested $500,000 in one of Mr. Pina’s real estate deals, without seeing any returns,” he added.

Pina was accused of defrauding over $80 million from investors. He posted on a $1 million bond, and he was released on electronic monitoring; he is also restricted from leaving the state of New Jersey. 

Immediately after the arrest of Pina, the feds also stopped by the iHeart Radio office and seized electronic equipment as a part of the ongoing investigation.

Pina broke his silence as he took to social media to also claim that Envy is innocent.  

“You have all these people being coerced to sue people affiliated with me just because they are a bigger name,” Pina said. 

“That’s the situation that breaks my heart. In all these lawsuits, these 20 lawsuits, DJ Envy was never in the room with me. DJ Envy has nothing to do with any of these 20 lawsuits of these people that are suing me. It ******* sucks, bro.”

The 45-year-old also addressed DJ Envy’s biggest critics, such as Rick Ross, Tony “The Closer ” Robinson, Funk Master Flex who all publicly spoke about the ongoing matter. Fans believe that the Breakfast Club host had a hand in the Ponzi scheme, after he held real-estate seminars with Pina, and even promoted them various times on the Breakfast Club.

It ****** me off that all these people are bashing DJ Envy…What you gotta understand is, DJ Envy is so successful in hip-hop, as far as a DJ, that people just don’t like him,” he continued. 

Pina also addressed D’Angelo’s claim of his client being a victim in the scheme. 

“I understand his attorney, his defense to DJ Envy is a victim. That’s the dumbest **** I ever heard in my life,” Pina explained. “Me and him were partners in the real estate seminars. We are partners in a couple of real estate transactions. That’s it. He’s not a victim. He was my partner. He was an investor.”

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