Doja Cat Confirmed Member Of The Illuminati?

Due to recent posts on Doja Cat’s Instagram, speculation has arisen that she has joined “The Illuminati,” a cult group commonly associated with many conspiracy theories. Ever since Doja’s haircut, she has been posting some very unusual pictures on Instagram over the past year.

Some of these posts include drawings titled ‘Beast‘, ‘Reaper‘, and ‘Half‘. Fans have expressed concern for her mental health over her recent, strange posts.

She has also posted pictures of her skin being painted red. Doja has a new single coming out called ‘Paint The Town Red’, in which she appears dressed in red, in the arms of a grim reaper.

“This is what happens when you sell your soul,” a fan commented.

“it’s true,” Doja responded in another Instagram post published on Sunday.

The series of photos posted read ‘i think my cat is illuminati.’ Comments have been limited on this post, but fans are speculating that she’s merely trolling the internet.

However, others aren’t so sure that is the case. Doja Cat’s Instagram posts have made various news headlines lately. On Aug. 7, she posted a ‘thirst trap‘, in which the camera was positioned at an awkward angle.

On Feb. 1, Doja spoke on her bold outfit studded with red crystals. She confronted the trolls and talked about how she is unable to be herself due to the media’s portrayal of her.

“It f*cking sucks now that I can’t fully do my thing on Instagram Live. Now I’m being flooded with people who have these preconceived f*cking notions about me, and they come in and try to troll. Which I’m very good at handling,” she said in an interview with Variety.

Doja Cat is used to scrutiny and ridicule, and has conquered handling criticism from her peers. She has kept her head throughout adversity and aims to make the haters feel uncomfortable, just like they have made her feel.

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