Drake Appears At Atlanta’s Onyx Gentlemen’s Club With $250,000 In ‘Tupperware’ Container

Will this be the new trend at the clubs?

According to the New York Post, the Canadian rapper arrived at the Onyx Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta with a massive Tupperware container overflowing with approximately $250,000 worth of bills on Tuesday night.

“Last night was a blur,” the club’s Instagram video caption read.

In the video, Drake was seen nonchalantly grabbing wads of neatly organized cash in the transparent, see-through, and notably large Rubbermaid container. 

As the video made its rounds on social media, fans shared split opinions on the rapper’s latest flexing method. Some fans tweeted that the Grammy winner was lame in that moment; some even cracked jokes about seizing the moment by helping themselves to a stack of cash.

This isn’t the first time Drake pulled up with a large amount of cash stashed in an unusual container. According to TMZ, he reportedly showed up at Charlotte’s Cameo Nightclub with approximately $50,000 in cash in a cardboard box in 2013.

In terms of music, Drake and his co-headliner, 21 Savage, recently played two shows in the famous city, on Monday and Tuesday night. According to Page Six, fans took to social media to slam the 6 God after he seemingly appeared to forget the lyrics to half of his setlist. After he tried to make it up to fans with an encore, they responded with groans. They were also bummed out as Drake gave them 10-minute monologues as well. 

On a more positive note, Drake accomplished a new milestone in his career by receiving his twelfth overall number-one hit when his most recent single, “Slime You Out,” was released and peaked at the top of the Billboard charts. His next hit will tie him to the late Michael Jackson for most number 1s by a male soloist.

His eighth album, For All The Dogs, is scheduled to be released on Oct. 6.

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