Drake Bets $850K Bet On Logan Paul To Knock Out Dillon Danis

Will Logan Paul be victorious? Or will he be the next victim of the unshakable “Drake curse?”

Drake is no stranger to placing outrageous sports bets. Still, as the wildly anticipated boxing match between Paul and Dillion Danis draws closer, the Canadian artist placed a bet of $850,000 on Paul, knocking out Danis.

“Never bet against personal vendetta and settling scores,” he wrote as he shared the jarring wager with fans. 

According to TMZ, Drake wasn’t a fan of Danis’ trolling and decided to support Paul in the upcoming boxing match. 

After gaining Drizzy’s support, the 28-year-old took to X as he labeled the task “easy money.” Danis also took to the platform to share his response. 

“850 on my head is disrespect,” he said

If Paul knocks out the New Jersey native, Drake will win $1.35 million. 

As fans learned about the large wager, they shared the common opinion that the MMA fighter would be declared the match’s winner. Fans also pointed out that Drake possibly put the dreaded “Drake curse” on Paul days before the game. 

According to FanDuel, the “Drake curse” dates back to 2013; after he shared support with an athlete and or sports team, they immediately lost any game directly afterward. 

Athletes and sports teams that publicly faced the terrible jinx were the Toronto Raptors, Serena Williams, Connor McGregor, and the Golden State Warriors.

On Thursday, Oct. 12, during a news conference, Danis struck Paul in the face with his microphone, which resulted in Paul sustaining a cut just above his eye. The e also was hit on top of his head with a water bottle by an unidentified man from Danis’ entourage. Danis also blasted Paul for allegedly missing weight. 

“Fights off you missed weight,” he tweeted as he “called” off the fight. 

According to MMA Mania, Danis would face a $100,000 penalty if he pulled out of the match. 

The boxing match is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 14, in Manchester, England.

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