Drake Dubbed ‘Evil Mastermind’ Over Deleted Bobbi Althoff Interview

As a new theory of Drake and Bobbi Althoff’s deleted interview is making its rounds on TikTok, Drake is now labeled an “evil mastermind!” 

According to HipHopDX, a viral TikTok video published by user @PhotogSteve81 explained why he believes that Drake dominated the ultimate fate of the now-deleted Really Good Podcast interview through the classic tactic of “corporate bullying.”

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“We now know exactly why Drake and Bobbi’s podcast has been pulled, and it’s more about corporate bullying than a PR stunt,” he said

The term corporate bullying, also known as workplace bullying, is defined as “the repeated less favorable treatment of a person by another or others in the workplace, which may be considered unreasonable and inappropriate workplace practice.”

The News Uncle dove into the back story of how the deleted interview came about before dropping some details surrounding it.

“Drake paid her to travel to come to his location, negotiated where his team would film, produce and control most everything about the podcast,” he said. “The podcast was obviously gold. Many of us have seen it. The on-camera awkwardness, along with the seemingly intense chemistry, worked, and as expected, it blew up.”

“However, not long afterward, the episode disappeared from the public and the two unfollowed each other on social media,” he continued. “While many speculated, most all missed the actual reason. During the episode, Drake brought up Tyga, who Bobbi apparently hasn’t heard of, or so she said. He then goes on to play Tyga’s track “Rack City.” He specifically leaves it playing and airs a very long clip in the episode, which now appears to have been the leverage he planted in the episode from the beginning.”

After alleging that Universal Music Group, who apparently owns the rights to the song, might have indicated that they would snatch all proceeds that the interview generated or have it removed for violating copyright laws.

“Drake’s team reached out to Universal Music Group, which owns the rights to ‘Rack City’ and filed a copyright strike against Bobbi’s podcast. They filed it under the terms that YouTube has with Universal Music,” he added. “This meant that all of the proceeds from the podcast would have to be turned over to Universal Music, or Bobbi would be facing a very large lawsuit… Bobbi’s team, realizing they would not be able to monetize their biggest podcast in history, decided to pull the podcast.”

After the theory made its rounds on social media, fans added their two cents to the discussion. 

“Drake using Tyga’s ‘Rack City’ as a way to get the Bobbi Althoff interview taken down is some evil mastermind stuff,” @_ajhughes tweeted

Some fans fired back, arguing that Bobbi could have removed that portion of the footage. 

“Nah, this is flawed. Can’t they just cut the part where they have the Tyga song and do a reupload,” one fan questioned. However, @_ajhughes said that Drake owns the footage.

One fan believed that the incident that led Bobbi and Drake to unfollow each other was simply accidental. 

“I don’t think Drake intentionally gave Bobbi Althoff a copyright strike. Characterizing it like that is giving anti-Drake speculation. It was most likely accidental (in usage) as 99% of copyright strikes for music are,” one person commented.

Following the controversy, the 26-year-old has recently interviewed NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

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