Drake Gifts Fan $50,000 For Spending Their Furniture Money On Concert Tickets

Drake gave a fan $50,000 during his It’s All A Blur Tour. The fan made a poster stating that they spent all their furniture money to buy concert tickets.

“Drake, I spent my furniture money on your two shows. OVO for life,” the poster said.

Drake has been feeling very generous this tour, with guests like Kim Kardashian and Bobby Althoff. He has had many viral experiences on this tour.

“My manager is my DJ, right? Is he over there? He’s right there? You know what? My man, [for] your furniture money, Imma give you 50 bands tonight ’cause I love you. Make sure he gets his money tonight.” Drake responded once he saw the poster.

After telling his fans they will receive 50 bands, he gave a touching speech and encouraged the crowd.

“Aye, listen! Listen! This what life is about. I’m tryna teach you something tonight. I want you to understand something tonight. You never know what the next person is going through. You never know what the person in front of you, to the left of you, to the right of you, behind you is going through.”

“So I want to take a second in Las Vegas tonight,” he continued. “And the same way I just did what I did, I want you to open up your heart up for a second and turn to somebody that you do not know and just give them some love and give them a compliment. I want you to make somebody’s night in Las Vegas tonight.”

Many fans resonated with his generosity and commended his willingness to lead the future generation.

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