Drake Loses $850,000 Bet Despite Logan Paul Beating Dillon Danis

It looks like the latest victim of the wicked “Drake curse” was none other than Drake himself!

After the For All The Dogs rapper placed a large bet of $850,000 on Paul, knocking out Danis, he lost the wager. According to the Mirror, the Canadian rapper lost $1 million because of his prediction that Paul would win the long-anticipated fight by a knockout, not a disqualification. 

On Friday, Oct. 13, Drake took to social media to show his support for the 28-year-old fighter as the boxing match drew closer. 

“Never bet against personal vendetta and settling scores 😂 @stake @loganpaul,” he wrote. 

According to TMZ, the music titan wasn’t fond of Danis’ online behavior, which included heavily trolling tweets directed at Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agbal. After he gained the support of Drizzy, Paul took to X and tweeted” easy money” as he declared that the rapper would win his money. 

Although Paul plummeted Danis throughout the long-awaited match, and due to Danis’ antics, he was disqualified during the last moments of the fight. The disqualification resulted in Drake’s costly defeat as he lost the chance to win $1.3 million from the online betting platform Stake. 

Not a stranger to sports betting, Drake has reportedly placed bets that accumulate to roughly $1 billion on the online platform since 2021. He also placed bets during Paul’s brother Jake’s boxing matches in the past. In August, Drake placed a $250K bet during Jake’s and Nate Diaz’s boxing match. Drake predicted that Diaz would be the match’s winner during this particular bet, despite betting on Jake in the past, according to TMZ

“Jake is a dog, but I can never bet against a Diaz brother that’s just how I was raised,” Drake shared with the publication. 

Earlier this year, Drake showed Jake support during his boxing match against Tom Fury and placed a whopping $400K bet on the fight. While he lost the match, Jake shared his thoughts on whether or not Drake rubbed his “bad luck” onto him before the match. 

“He’s won a lot of money betting on me before, so he’s probably about even now. Sorry, Drake. I’m a get that W in the rematch,” the 30-year-old said.

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