Drake Says He Should Be In Jail With Young Thug In New Song Snippet

Drake has a new album coming out and previewed a snippet online. In the song, Drake speaks on Young Thug and his RICO charges. Drake’s new album For All The Dogs was said to be released Friday, but it looks as if plans have changed.

Instead of dropping his album, he released a little snippet from one of the tracks.

“I should probably be in there with Thug and them,” Drake rapped.

In the released video it shows TV Gucci dancing along to the words with the beat blasting through the speakers. Fans were split over the elusive lyrics. Some fans are calling Drake out for “pretending” to be hood in his music.

“Drake, u are Canadian. U are not about that hood life. Never was never will be. Drake prolly never even shot a gun at a range LOL please,” said a commenter on Twitter X.

Fans are also looking deep into the lyrics, trying to decipher his words. Young Thus is incarcerated with RICO charges. The rapper was also charged with an additional count of participating in street gang activity, three counts of violating the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, possession of a firearm while committing a felony and possession of a machine gun.

The fans are alleging that Drake has done something sinister if he thinks that he should be in jail with Young Thug and all the crimes he is accused of.

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