Drake’s Dad Dennis Graham Supports His Silence On Israel-Hamas

Drake’s father is speaking out in support of his son’s choice not to comment on the ongoing war in the Middle East between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group.

Dennis Graham was approached by TMZ and feels as though his superstar son is in a space where if he stays mute on the conflict or if he speaks out, he’ll be ridiculed. 

“It affects everybody, it’s totally ridiculous,” elder Graham said. “If you say something about this one, you going to get criticized. If you say something about someone else, you going to get criticized. Stay out of it, especially if you are someone well known.”

Graham doubles down in support of his son, just staying quiet. He feels as though when you’re celebrity status speaking on social issues can be detrimental in a way.

“Being a celebrity and saying something that favoring one against the other it’s going to come back on you. Just be quiet,” he continued.

This comes in response to DJ Vlad igniting the debate of Drake and DJ Khaled not mentioning anything about the escalated war between the Israeli and the Palestinian people. Vlad went on to blast Drake for being the most famous Jewish and DJ Khaled for being a prominent Palestinian.

“Has anyone noticed that the most famous Jewish person on Earth, Drake, and the most famous Palestinian person on Earth, DJ Khaled, haven’t said a single thing about the Gaza-Israel conflict?” he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “It’s not like Drake is too busy. He’s been writing paragraphs about Joe Budden hurting his feelings about his new album.”

Earlier this month, Israel declared war against the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Since the attack, more than 4,000 people have died, and dozens have been held hostage, including several Americans. 

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