Drake’s Son Adonis Draws Album Cover ‘For All The Dogs’

Drake took to Instagram to showcase his new album cover art, which was drawn by his son Adonis. Drake is currently on tour but informed fans that new music is on the way, during one of his live concerts.

“Make new friends. If you drink, drink some liquor. If you smoke, smoke some weed. And if you like somebody, like my dad says, keep f*cking. I will be back soon. I have an album dropping for you in, like, two weeks or some sh*t,” he announced.

“But until then, just know, you’re always with me and I’m always thinking of you. Everything I do is for you. Every time I step in that booth, I hope I make you proud,” he continued.

Adonis drew a white animal in what appears to be chalk, with beady red eyes, mimicking a possessed dog. Drake has also been hinting at the new LP on the way.

He has been leaving hints while leaving his hotel rooms, wearing different dog masks. Drake also shared that he will have features with Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj.

The album will allegedly be released on Aug. 25 or 26. Amazon Music retweets Drake’s album cover by giving a release date for the LP.

“Drizzy’s son has a future as a cover artist. new @drake august 25th,” tweeted Amazon Music.

We are still unsure of the official release date for the LP ‘For All The Dogs.’ Drake has also been cleared as Spotify’s most listened-to artist of 2023, with over 75 million monthly listeners.

With his new album set to drop this week, we are sure the numbers will skyrocket across all music platforms.

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