Druski Says TMZ Didn’t Show All The Camera Angles In Birdman Altercation: ‘I Handled Mines’

Druski and Birdman recently had a falling out. TMZ obtained CCTV footage of the comedian Druski and rapper/mogul Birdman ready to battle it out.

Footage showed Birdman and his goons snatching Druski’s chain and later showed Druski and his team running away from the altercation.

Druski went to Instagram to set the record straight on what happened that TMZ didn’t catch. The comedian subsequently told the media that he stood on business.

“Of course, TMZ wouldn’t show all the camera angles… I HANDLED MINES [100 emoji] #WasRunningToTheTrunk #DatGetbackAM********,” he wrote.

Fans are unaware of what started the beef between the two talented individuals. Some have speculated that the altercation began because Birdman felt that Druski had been disrespectful to his record label, CMB.

Druski started a record label called “Coulda Been Records,” where he mimics the lousy side of record labels. — emphasizing the dark side of the industry.

He pretended to sign individuals and tell them they would only get one percent of the earnings. He also brought up the fact that the people he signed had to do sexual acts to make in her label.

Birdman allegedly did not like this take on his brand, which led to his confronting Druski man-to-man while snatching his CBR diamond chain.

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