Eminem Condemns Donald Trump For ‘Brainwashing’ Supporters

In an interview clip posted to TikTok on Monday, Eminem criticized former President Donald Trump. The Detroit rapper begins by admitting his strong feelings can cloud his ability to effectively communicate his thoughts.

“When I start talking about Trump, I get too flustered in my head…There’s too many things I want to say at once. So sometimes I start talking and I’m not able to convey the message the right way because I get flustered and frustrated.”

However, when the subject turned to Trump’s loyal MAGA base Slim Shady was very clear.


“How can you relate to a billionaire who has never know struggle his entire life?” #eminem #trump

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“Watching him play to his base that thinks that he cares about them, and it’s actually the people that he cares about the f**king least. If you’re talking about his core being, you know, a majority white middle class, what I don’t understand is how in the f**k do you feel like you relate to a billionaire who has never known struggle his entire f**king life,” he said, expressing his distaste for the former President and his supporters.

The former President’s speaking ability, however, drew a lone bit of praise.

“He talks a good one” said Eminem. But that compliment was backhanded.

“He’s brainwashing them into thinking that something great is going to happen. Nothing is happening,” the Shady Records founder added.

This is far from the first time Marshall Mathers has spoken out against Trump. In 2017, he devoted his entire segment at the BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle cypher to denouncing the GOP leader.

This latest round of criticism comes on the heels of several controversies for the former President as his re-election campaign is in full swing. Trump has been indicted on multiple charges related to election fraud and classified documents. 

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