EST Gee Alleges That An Officer Connected To Breonna Taylor’s Death Threatened Him with a Gun

Louisville rapper EST Gee recently revealed a shocking secret!

On Wednesday, Aug. 16, the 29-year-old dropped a bombshell before walking out of the ongoing Bootleg Kev Podcast interview. He disclosed that one of the police officers accused of shooting and killing Breonna Taylor allegedly held him at gunpoint when he was a child.

“Louisville police is different,” he said. “You know how n***as teach them to not like the police? I don’t wanna say his name. He was involved in the Breonna Taylor sh*t, one of the police officers. When I was little, he walked a group of us home at gunpoint, on my granny. She lived in Turtle Creek. One of the dudes from the Breonna Taylor muthaf*cka.”

Before leaving mid-interview, EST Gee said that dealing with the cops has been a source of frustration for him throughout his life.

 “So I had my own experience early. The police they ain’t never helped me,” he expressed.

When Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by cops in her own residence in 2020, she was only 26 years old. 

According to NPR, the police officers alleged that they broke down Breonna’s door after obtaining a “no-knock” warrant and mistook her home for another they were attempting to search. 

Her boyfriend thought the officers were invaders while he was at the house. He retaliated by firing a single shot at the police. As a result, the Louisville police officers fired 22 shots, resulting in Taylor’s death. 

Although it’s unknown which of the seven officers involved had the encounter with EST Gee, it’s obvious why it had a significant effect on his relationship with the police. 

He continued by sharing that the police had previously interfered with his concerts.

“They told the promoter they didn’t want me in there,” he said. “The promoter was like, ‘Alright well I’m gonna have just [Lil Baby] then,’ and they was like, ‘Nah, ’cause Baby might try to bring Gee out,’ because he did before on some surprise sh*t.”

Gee joined Bootleg Kev for what was supposed to be an extended interview, but after only 25 minutes, he became visibly irritated with Kev’s list of questions. When the podcaster started questioning the rapper about his high school and college football career, which he felt had little to do with his upcoming album “El Toro 2,” the rapper’s annoyance finally reached a breaking point, causing him to walk out of the interview without saying another word to the host.

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