Famous Richard Almost Thrown Out Of No Jumper Studio For Threatening Adam22

Richard and Adam22 engaged in a heated exchange over comments about their hometown. Adam22 made comments about Chicago that rubbed Famous Richard the wrong way. Trying to defend his hometown, Famous Rich bugs up on Adam.

“m********** will take that trip and get up with you thought,” Famous Rich said.

Adam22 responded with “most of Chicago guys they’ve never been on an airplane and they’re probably never going to be on an airplane. And if you were to go into their bank account, you would find like forty dollars.”

This is where the interview went left. Famous Richard asks where Adam is from and says “**** New Hampshire”. The two have a stare down and Adam22 gets upset with his remarks.

Famous Richard and CripMac get into. Meanwhile, CripMac defends Adam and tells Richard to sit down because he would never let Adam22 get hit.

Richard felt as though Adam kept sneak dissing Chicago and wanted Adam to watch what he said about his hometown. They continue the interview and things did calm down for the two.

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