FBG Duck’s Mother Believes King Von Had $100K Hit On Her Son

FBG Duck’s mother is opening up and revealing some new information about her son’s murder.

Mama Duck sat down on the No Jumper podcast to discuss her son’s final moments. She was able to shed light on the rumors and misinformation. Duck’s mother reflected on her son’s last day before mentioning that fellow slain Chicago rapper King Von had something to do with the shooting that took the life of her son.

One of the hosts asked the mother if she believed her son had a $100,000 hit out on him by King Von, and she went on to confirm that “they proved it”. She goes on to say that the people who did the shooting have been telling on themselves for some time now and recalls her son’s last words.

“When I tell you this man is so in tune with this ****.” she recalled .” I found out from him cause I didn’t even know this information, but somehow he was able to get the paperwork on the body cams Duck’s last words from the body cams. And that’s how I found out my son’s last words was, where are you shot young man and he say everywhere.”

FBG Duck was shot and killed outside of a luxury store in Chicago in 2020. He was shot at least 16 times.

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