Finesse2Tymes Believes Bloggers Should Be Killed Instead Of Rappers

The Memphis artist Finesse2tymes took to social media to voice his opinion on bloggers. He told Instagram that he believes they should harm bloggers instead of rappers being shot and killed.

“Y’all out here killing all these rappers, y’all need to killing these bloggers.” he wrote.

Finesse2tymes has been making headlines all summer. From the blogs talking about his two girlfriends’ pregnancies to blogs speaking on his comments regarding SSI payments and his alleged disability.

“Mane, I don’t know why people keep saying I’m about to be on child support 2x, I get a SSI check, I get disability, If y’all ain’t figured out by now that I need help, something wrong. Either be good to big father, Or the government gone pay ya.” he said.

He was charged with a felony earlier this year due to not returning a rental to Enterprise. They later dropped the charges against him due to lack of evidence. Finesse2tymes expressed his frustration with bloggers reporting on his mishaps by releasing a post on Instagram. Adam22 and Wack100 from No Jumper Podcast chimed in on his post.

“Guess it’s time for the bloggers to report the paperwork,” Wack100 said.

Adam22 entered the chat by expressing his disbelief at the words Finesse2tymes wrote on social media. Adam22 employs bloggers and journalists.

“Encouraging the killing of journalists is bad, actually,” Adam22 responded in the comments.

Adam22 emphasized the need to denounce the murder of a journalist in any subculture. Wack100 also commented on the No Jumper repost with his opinion on the topic.

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