Finesse2Tymes Promises To Post Bond For Someone At Every Tour Stop

Finesse2Tymes is hoping to spread some goodwill while on tour. The Memphis rapper promised to pay bond for someone at every stop on his upcoming tour via an Instagram story.

“Next Thursday, man, in Birmingham, man. I’ma be at the jailhouse…I’m making somebody bond in every city I go to for all the next shows while I’m on tour. So if you got somebody locked up, you got somebody f*cked up, and they got a bond, hit me up I’m making bonds in every city I go to,” he said. 


The tour begins Thursday in Birmingham, Alabama and travels to five more cities before concluding on Sept. 30 in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. 

The announcement comes less than two weeks after the Atlantic Records artist was arrested for an outstanding warrant from 2018. In an Instagram story that has since been deleted, Finesse2Tymes recorded from the back of a police car.

A report from HipHopDX points to state warrants in Shelby County, Tennessee, for marijuana possession with intent to distribute, cocaine possession with intent to distribute, property theft valued between $10,000-$60,000 and altering a motor vehicle’s serial number as the reason why he was detained on Aug. 26.

Days later, the admitted Vice Lord, whose real name is Ricky L. Hamilton, took his Facebook page to denounce street gangs and discourage anyone from joining. 

“To ALL the youth F*KK THEM GANGS GET U SOME MONEY, SEEK KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. I love Vicelord for the fruitful teachings, I done lost more than I gained wit ts, I could care less about the nygas, Embrace the ones that push righteousness,” he wrote.

Hamilton was released from prison in July of 2022 after serving five years for possessing a firearm as a felon.

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