Foolio Posts Alleged Snitching Video Of Yungeen Ace, Calls Him A ‘Rat’

Social media has been exposing snitches for months now by obtaining leaked footage of interrogations. Yungeen Ace is the latest victim of this game that is being played online.

A video was leaked of Yungeen Ace talking to cops involving an unsolved case. In the video, the investigator showed Yungeen Ace a video of people fighting and then asked Ace who was involved in the altercation. Ace held back words in the video but did give out names of who was “beefing.”

The interrogator then asked who side he was on, and Ace revealed which fighter was his homeboy. He said that he didn’t know why they were fighting but gave more details on the altercation. He continued to say that they were fighting then the other side started shooting at his friends.

Foolio somehow obtained this interrogation video and decided to leak it to the public. It is unknown how he got his hands on sensitive case information, such as a police recording of an unsolved case. Foolio and Yungeen Ace have been at odds for years now. The feud between these two runs deep, and it seems like they are both trying their hardest to get the upper hand in the competition.

Yungeen Ace went on Instagram Live to clear his name. He posted court documents stating that he requested an attorney and that he did not give any information on the case.

It is alleged that the paperwork is false because, in the video, he gave the name of the person who was shooting. Even though he did, in fact, say a name, it wasn’t incriminating to his team. Yungeen Ace incriminated the other side for the shooting.

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