Fousey And Sneako Swatted Live On Stream

As a result of a swatting incident while live-streaming on Kick, popular streamers Yousef “Fousey” and Nico “Sneako” have gone viral once more. 

HotNewHipHop, reports that the most recent swatting incident occurred on Aug. 20 in Miami inside of Sneako’s apartment. To determine if their safety was in danger, SWAT officers questioned the two streamers’ safety. 

“Is anybody in here at gunpoint,” one of the SWAT officers asked

Fousey and Sneako met up with each other before making their way to a Lil Pump pool party. Unfortunately, they had a terrible start to the evening when they were the latest streamers to victims of swatting.

For those who are not familiar, “swatting” refers to the act of people making fraudulent 911 calls reporting serious-level criminal threats or violent situations like bomb threats, hostages, killing, etc. to fool the police into raiding the house or business of somebody who is not actually committing a crime.

This swatting attempt was quite mild, Fousey described how he must continually deal with these false calls to the officers on the scene. Later, he told the police that their assistance wasn’t needed because nobody was being kept captive by a gun. 

This isn’t the first time Fousey has been a victim of swatting.

He was recently forced to leave a restaurant after a bomb threat was reported during his Aug. 19 stream.

The 33-year-old streamer posted a video to X on Aug. 20

“STOP CALLING THE COPS ON ME,” he wrote, ultimately pleading with trolls to stop the false calls.

In the video footage, he shows himself asking police officers to “ruin the swatters’ lives if they are caught.”

“If you find out who it was, arrest them, throw them in jail, do not give them a bar of soap, literally ruin their lives. Okay,” he said. 

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