Fousey Blasts Adam22: ‘I Made Your F**king Career’

The streamer Fousey has been making headlines recently for his recent antics. The YouTuber was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, but he is now out and has something to get off his chest during his stream.

Fousey is letting it be known that he’s not a fan of podcaster Adam22. He was a guest on the No Jumper podcast, which led to a lot of viral moments. It was later speculated that the streamer may have been going through a manic episode during his apperance on the show.

“Suck my d*** I made your f**king career dog. No Jumper wasn’t sh**until I sat on your podcast,” Fousey said aggressively in a video clip shared on Drama Alert. “You sold my face on your shirt at your store and made millions.”

In the rant, Fousey goes on to express his frustration and even brings up Adam22’s wife, Lena The Plug.

“I bet your wife…nah I’m not even gonna bring your wife into this dog but if she want it…” he said.

It’s clear that the social media personality has a bone to pick with Adam22, yet many viewers feel as though this profanity-filled venting session is a cry for help.

“This guy need to be humbled so bad, it’s coming, he has issues 100%” replied one Twitter user to the video shared online.

“Can somebody help him,” another reply read.

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