Fousey Bodycam Footage Shows The YouTuber Threatening Cops

Bodycam footage of live streamer Fousey’s detainment in August has been released. 

In the video, Fousey, born Yousef Saleh Erakat, can be seen in an elevator flanked by several Miami police officers. He goes on a rant about his “life being in danger” and says he is “a chosen messenger” who’s “changing the world.”

Fousey told an officer that he’d get fired for arresting “the most important man in America” while being led away from the InterContinental Hotel before asking if he could take a picture to post online.

Fousey spoke about his penis size and sent a plainly worded threat to one of the officers. “I’ll **** you so good till you love me,” Fousey said as he was placed into the squad car. 

On August 23, Fousey was streaming live on Kick after not sleeping for 48 hours. He called 911, saying that his life was in jeopardy from a stalker. He greeted the responding officers with yells and insults until he was taken into custody and brought to a mental hospital for an evaluation. 

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