Fousey Meets Island Boys, Confronts Them About Incest And Kissing

FouseyTube has been in a lot of controversy lately. On Wednesday, he met up with Cuban “rappers” the Island Boys on his livestream. The stream starts off with Fousey asking the Island Boys how many genders are there.

A lot of Fousey’s actions warrant concerns; he is currently in a mental hospital for having a breakdown on livestream. He is known for his wild antics and the crazy words that come out of his mouth, and this livestream was no different. Fousey continued to ask the brothers if they had committed sexual acts with each other, to which they responded by saying no.

The Island Boys recently received a lot of clout and backlash for making out online for their OnlyFans content.

As a content creator, Fousey wanted to get down to the bottom of their relationship for the wondering fans. In the live stream, you can clearly see that Fousey has compassion and care for the struggling brothers.

“There are two ways to get successful in life. You do it through the devil, or you do it through God.” Fousey said to the boys, trying to confront their online antics.

The brothers defended their religion by showing their tattoos and Jesus pieces. The two explained they were managed by someone of Muslim faith and wanted to convert at one point, but were raised in a Catholic family. Fousey asks them if people of the Muslim religion would agree with the choices they have made for views. The Island Boys continued to defend their actions by pointing out how Fousey has been a disappointment to the Muslim community as well.

Fousey ends the conversation by explaining to the Island Boys how their actions influence and impact the youth watching their content. He told the twins they have “power” and that they’re throwing their talents down the drain.

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