FYB J Mane Arrested On Gun And Drug Charges

Chicago rapper and internet personality FYB J Mane was arrested in Georgia on gun and drug charges on Monday night. 

FYB J Mane managed to livestream much of the incident on Instagram. The clip, which was filmed without capturing the faces of J Mane or the officers, begins just as he is approached by police during a traffic stop.  

After being pulled over in a rental car for driving without taillights, an officer stated that he smelled marijuana, prompting a search of the vehicle. The officers are heard discussing finding a “felony amount” of an unnamed substance during the search before the video cuts off.

FYB J Mane reached out to No Jumper’s Riemoh from Clay County jail, asking for the platform’s assistance in getting out and questioning why Tyler Perry hasn’t come to his rescue. 

No other details have been released at this time.

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