Gillie Da Kid Opens Up on Son’s Death

Gillie Da Kid decided to open up about losing his son in an interview he had with The Pivot Podcast. In the hour-long video, he spoke on various topics, focusing on his career and family.

Gillie lost his son in late July due to gun violence in their hometown, Philadelphia. His son YNG Cheese was a young rapper with a mogul as a father.

He froze and stared into the void when asked about his son’s passing. You can see the hurt in his eyes when YNG Cheese’s name was mentioned in the interview.

As he starts to speak, he talks about how sad he is that his other children will never see their brother again. Gillie Da Kid speaks about how the pain in his kid’s eyes gets him the most and how it’s a daily struggle.

“It’s a struggle, man, it’s a struggle every day, and the biggest struggle for me is looking at my kids, knowing they never gonna see their brother again. The pain in their eyes, that’s what really gets me the most,” he said with a sorrowful voice.

He continued to say that it has been hard on his wife, and sometimes, she will break down in tears out of nowhere. Gillie feels there will be a black hole in his heart forever due to losing her beloved son.

Gillie Da Kid then expresses that if he had resorted to his old ways, he would have wiped the city of Philadelphia out. You see anger and tears forming in his eyes when he says this.

Like most parents in his situation, Gillie is still struggling with losing his son. He shouts out his friends for being there for him and keeping him grounded.

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