GloRilla Explains Why She Blocked Kai Cenat: ‘You Made Your Bed, You Gotta Lay There’

GloRilla has apparently weighed in on blocking Kai Cenat. On a recent Instagram Live, the Memphis rapper responded to fans asking her about the matter.

“Don’t come on my ******* live and ask me about nobody that I done blocked. **** you talking about? They blocked, and they gonna stay there. You made your bed; you gotta lay there,” she said.

GloRilla seemed to directly address the popular streamer.

“he know why he blocked,” she said later in the stream.

Kai Cenat was streaming on Twitch when discovered that GloRilla had restricted his access to her social media. The block came after Cenat criticized her Fivio Foreign-assisted song “Cha Cha Cha.”

In a previous stream, the internet personality listened to the song and offered a real-time reaction.

“I love Glo, bro, but no,” he said. 

Days later, he reiterated his opinion that “GloRilla is nice, but that was not it.” When he attempted to look at her IG profile, he realized he had been blocked. 

“There’s no way people are getting this mad,” Cenat said in disbelief at the midstream discovery.

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