GloRilla And Sukihana Clap Back At Lil Duval Over ‘Marry, F**k, Kill’ Tweet

Comedian Lil Duval recently posed a question on social media and GloRilla wasn’t for it. The “Smile (Living My Best Life” artist may have been joking, but the Memphis hitmaker didn’t find it amusing.

“Out of Sukihana, sexxy Redd, and glorilla… Marry, f**k,kill” the 46-year-old tweeted. GloRilla did not take kindly to the game and clapped back in an even snarkier way.

“Granddad why you worrying about dese young hs p*ssy ????” she asked the Florida-born comedian with a quote retweet.

Of course, her response had social media in a frenzy.

“I don’t know why middle-aged men be thinking their childish behavior is cute. Go take your vitamins sir,” one user wrote in support of the “Tomorrow 2” rapper.

However, some social media users didn’t understand why the Memphis rapper felt the need to give the comedian attention at all. Either way, it seems as if Big Glo felt the need to speak on the inappropriate tweet, jokes or not.

The reality star and rapper, Sukiana, had a clapback of her own.

“Lick lil duvals a** or go to jail for the rest of your life only gay men can answer,” she wrote on Twitter, formerly known as X. Lil Duval is no stranger when it comes to ruffling feathers on the internet. Tweets from 2010 to 2012 have resurfaced of him speaking on his daughter and making some disturbing comments about sexual assault.

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