Glorilla Tells Young Women To Be Toxic In Their 20s

GloRilla has a PSA for her women supporters. She wants them to live life to the fullest with a bit of toxicity mixed in. The Grammy-winning rapper wanted to exclusively bring attention to her young fans in their 20s. The Memphis-born rapper shared a video of herself on social media with a message it seemed she had to get off her chest to help spread encouragement to her women followers.

“Hey ladies, how are you? I’m in the car with my twin, and I just want to let y’all know, be toxic for the rest of your 20s,” the CMG artist began the 37-second clip. “You only get one life. Live your toxic 20s. You never get to be 20 years old, 21,22, 23, 24, none that ever again in yo life. Be toxic.”

GloRilla furthers her explanation and emphasizes the importance of getting that toxic behavior out of your system while you’re young versus slashing tires in your 30s which would make you old and toxic.

“Because don’t get in your 30s thinking you can just go slashing tires and all this crazy sh**,” she said. “You too old for that now. You too mature. Be toxic for the rest of your 20s. And if you’re delusional… turn that sh** up a notch. Enjoy the rest of your 20s. You only get to do this sh** one time.”

It seems pretty obvious that the 24-year-old is taking her own advice about not taking life too seriously. Her whole persona can be interpreted as living life to the fullest and not caring what haters think about it. The “Tomorrow 2” artist celebrated a birthday in July and got a new Maybach courtesy of CMG head honcho Yo Gotti.

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