Ice Cube Clowns Elon Musk During Social Media Exchange

In true Ice Cube fashion, the rap legend clowned Elon Musk after he shared a harmless meme!

Musk reached the rap legend’s bad side, on Thursday after he shared an old meme of the rapper. The meme implied that Cube was “melted.”

“Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet?” the meme read.

After Musk bought the platform for $44 billion last Oct. the radical changes to the platform gained  backlash. 

These radical changes included a number of new features added, such as the removal of old verified accounts in favor of the brand-new Twitter Blue membership service.

The “No Vaseline” rapper shared his disdain for X, after he posted a meme in response.

“Remember Twitter? This is it now, feel stupid yet,” he fired back.

The meme consisted of the old logo of Twitter, next an image of a dumpster on fire. 

Fans quickly responded to the hilarious exchange, and claimed that Ice Cube was “undefeated.”

However, others told the rap veteran that Musk’s initial tweet wasn’t a diss, and he took the tweet personal.

Others also came to Musk’s defense and criticized Cube for implying that the social media platform was trash. 

In 2020, Cube came under fire after he posted antisemitic tweets, which resulted in a shadow ban on his X account.

According to the Daily Beast, during the mist of the COVID 19 pandemic, the former NWA member  decided that this was the ideal time to spread a variety of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, including various anti-Semitic memes that claim Jews are causing Black people to be oppressed.

After Musk reportedly purchased the platform, Cube asked if his shadow ban could be lifted.

“Free at last! @elonmusk take off my shadow ban homie…,” the rapper tweeted.

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