Ice Spice Called Out For Shading Latto, Feud Reignited

Fans recently called out Ice Spice for allegedly shading Latto.

The People’s Princess spoke with Variety on Thursday, and discussed the unspoken fierce competition female rappers have with each other. 

“It is a competition at the end of the day,” she said. “People want to be all, ‘I’m a girl’s girl,’ but then behind the scenes being *******.”

Fans believed that Latto was the target of Spice’s “*******” jab, given the evident tension between the two rappers. Ultimately, Ice Spice was called out for shading Latto online.

How the Beef Allegedly Started

Fans called out Latto for allegedly copying Spice’s signature pose which was featured on the cover of her Like…? EP back in March. Latto then denied the accusations online.

Latto was then called out for allegedly copying off St. Louis star, Sexyy Red.

The “Deli” rapper shared her beliefs that everyone is secretly competing with everyone in the industry. She hinted that not only are everyone’s in competition with everyone else, but everyone watches their direct competitor.

“I can be transparent, and I know the competition is checking on me too, which is why it’s OK to say that,” Spice shared. “Because it’s like, ‘Yeah, girl, I’m watching you and I know you watching me.’ And boys are watching too, because they be secretly haters.

“But everybody today is competing with everybody no matter if you a boy, girl, nonbinary, whatever it is. You still checking in on your competition. That’s in every industry,” she added.

After Spice released her Like..? Deluxe EP earlier this year, fans assumed that she was taking shots at Latto after she made references to Latto’s hit single, “Put It On Da Floor.”

“Now she all on the floor when I kick in the door/How you mad I do less ’cause you gotta do more,” Spice rapped on her “How High” single.

In Latto’s recently released track entitled “Issa Party,” she took shots at unnamed opps. Fans speculated that she was could be “addressing” Ice Spice, and or Coi Leray.

Do you think the two young female rappers will put an end to their alleged feud? For more Ice Spice and or Latto updates, continue to check out No Jumper.

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