Instagram Deletes Charleston White’s Account For The 4th Time

Charleston White’s Instagram account has been deleted for the fourth time. Recently, White was in a livestream with Adin Ross and streamer Prime.

During the stream, the two got into a heated discussion over White sending a man a video of his genitals. Prime went on to call White “g*y,” which made him livid. The two went back and forth as the discussion escalated.

White then pulled out pepper spray on Prime and Adin. After the confrontation, Charleston White went on an Instagram tirade about Jewish people.

“They don’t know sh*t, n*gga. They don’t know how to treat no n*gga. The Jews? Nah nah, we’re the real motherf*ng Jews. The nappy-hat n*gga that was in chains. F*ck the Jews, man,” Charleston’s rant continued.

“The Holocaust was fake…They made up some sh*t. Like Valentine Day and Christmas, made up. F*ck you talking about – when Jesus was born there weren’t even no December.”

Due to his hate speech, Instagram has opted to take his account down for the fourth time. Instagram has once again taken a stand against White for his racist outburst.

He goes on to say that he no longer wants to work with Adin. However, even though his Instagram and YouTube accounts got deleted, people still want to work with him.

He is known for saying the most outlandish statements in interviews. He continues with the fact that even though he has been ‘canceled’ for his racist slurs, people still want to interview and work with him.

Charleston later appears to be apologetic. He returned online again and stated that it is not who he really is, that he was just playing a bit for the internet.

“I ain’t really like that, I’m just playing a character online,” he said with tears streaming down his face.

We will see if he has learned his lesson this time around.

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