IShowSpeed Has Been Making Headlines After Flashing Fans On Livestream

IShowSpeed once again makes headlines. The popular streamer accidentally flashed his fans during a YouTube livestream. While he was making hip thrust, he accidentally exposed himself to an audience of over 20,000 people.

Prior to the incident, the influencer took a break from streaming due to suffering from a severe headache. The headache led to eye swelling, which prompted him to visit the hospital and get checked out by a doctor.

IShowSpeed wasted no time getting back into the streaming world once his sickness subsided. Some fans speculated that the streamer would be banned from YouTube due to flashing the viewers.

The livestream was deleted from YouTube by the creator. TMZ reached out to YouTube to see if IShowSpeed would be banned from the platform.

“While the video did violate the platform’s policies against explicit content, we’re told Speed is good to continue to upload to YouTube moving forward,” TMZ reported.

Given the flash was accidental, YouTube has decided not to ban Speed. They are continuing to let him stream and record videos for the public.

It is reasonable to bet that IShowSpeed will think twice now before making any sudden movements and comments that could jeopardize his growing career.

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