IShowSpeed Is Officially Unbanned From Twitch: ‘We are back’

After two years of being banned on Twitch, IShowSpeed is officially unbanned from the streaming platform!

Popular streamer, and YouTuber took to social media and announced he is no longer banned from Twitch. 

“*****, we are back. Let’s go,” the streamer exclaimed. 

The 18-year-old streamer was banned indefinitely back in 2021 after he made several sexist remarks while he appeared on Adin Ross’ Twitch-based dating show. 

During the controversial moment that led up to the permanent ban, Speed even allegedly hinted that he would sexually assault a young woman who appeared alongside him in the online dating show. 

The indefinite ban also prevented Speed from working and appearing on other popular streamer’s channels as well. This also led to the Ohio native to stream on YouTube for the time being. 

Following his ban, fellow popular streamers such as Kai Cenat begged the Twitch CEO to reconsider the harsh decision back in Aug. 

It is unclear if Speed will now upload and resume streaming on Twitch, however fans expressed their excitement for his big return.

Speed has been trending online for his latest online stunts. He recently performed an experiment during one of his recent live streams, after he attempted to make “elephant toothpaste,” also known as “devil’s toothpaste.”

Speed was observed attempting to create “elephant toothpaste,” often referred to as “devil’s toothpaste,” by mixing dish soap, yeast, and hydrogen peroxide. 

But the streamer’s bedroom was filled with heavy smoke, and Speed started telling viewers that he was having trouble breathing. 

During his experiment, he inhaled fumes which caused the local fire department to visit his home. Back in Aug., he made headlines after he accidentally flashed fans during one of his live streams. 

Are you excited to see IShowSpeed’s return to Twitch? Let us know in the comments.

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