IShowSpeed’s Failed Experiment Ends With Medical Emergency

Firefighters were called to IShowSpeed’s home after his latest experiment backfired.

During a recent livestream, the controversial YouTuber decided to conduct an “elephant toothpaste” experiment in his bedroom. The challenge backfired after he inhaled fumes and earned him a visit from the fire department.

“Speed is currently with the firefighters. They’re giving him oxygen so he can breathe; he should be fine, guys,” a message read in the livestream’s chat. 

Speed was seen trying to make the “elephant toothpaste,” also known as “devil’s toothpaste,” by combining dish soap, yeast, and hydrogen peroxide to produce a chemical reaction. However, the streamer’s bedroom was covered in thick smoke, and Speed began to inform fans that he couldn’t breathe. 

His cameraman, Slipz, updated fans as he received oxygen from firefighters. 

“He was in here too long, bro. He’s like struggling to breathe,” Slipz said. “We’ve got ******* firefighters and sh*t outside trying to help him. I don’t know what’s happening.”

After fans learned about Speed’s experiment, they began insinuating that he was “trying to die to entertain his stream.”

Given Speed’s wild history with fire-related incidents, this isn’t the first time he received a visit from the fire department. In 2022, he lit a Pikachu-shaped firework in his bedroom to celebrate the 4th of July. 

The Pokemon-shaped fireworks caused many small fires in the room. The following year, he decided to celebrate the American holiday by pulling the same stunt, which almost caused his entire house to be burned down. 

The streamer took a break from livestreaming after revealing that he almost died from a severe sinus infection.

After returning to streaming, he went viral after accidentally flashing his fans as he excitedly thrust his hips during a livestream. Although it was speculated that he would be banned from YouTube, the platform decided not to deny the 18-year-old. 

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