Jaidyn Alexis Subtweets Blueface And Chrisean Rock After Their Link Up

The love triangle drama continues with rapper Blueface and the two women who have been involved with him over the past few years.

By now many have seen the toxic behaviors of Baltimore native Chrisean Rock who is expecting to give birth to the rapper’s child. But Jaidyn Alexis was in the picture before the fame and already has two children with the “Thotiana” rapper. 

The most recent friction between Blueface and his two women came when a video online showed him getting close to Chrisean. While most fans expected a whole back-and-forth type of beef, Jaidyn kept things mellow by just tweeting out her thoughts.

“U can never win if u lose yo cool” the “Stewie” artist shared on her X account.

People who have followed the toxic relationship of the three feel as though Alexis’ response is a great example of growth.

“Remember your with babe ♥️ you got this 👊” one user replied to the tweet.

But on the other hand, people are letting it be known that Chrisean might be the ‘winner’ here and have the upper hand when it comes to being Blueface’s number one woman.

“Win what?? You’ve been lost 🤔” a tweet read. “😂😂😂you lost already🤷” another follower expressed under the original post.

Either way, it seems as if this simple subtweet is just enough for Jaidyn Alexis. She’s putting her attention to music promoting her single “Workout, which is a follow-up from “Stewie”. Alexis is also signed to Blueface’s MILF Music label.

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