Jake Paul Shuts Down Cocaine Usage Rumor: ‘I’m a Mushroom and Wine Type of Guy’

The 26-year-old claims that he was wiping sweat off of his nose and isn’t a “cokehead.”

According to TMZ, Jake Paul addressed the growing rumor that he’s an alleged cocaine user in a recent YouTube video. Towards the end of his latest vlogs, he performed a spur of the moment skit that depicted him being drugged out.

“Y’all want some Coke?” Paul asked his friends if they wanted of the white powder.  

During the impromptu skit, Paul was seen surrounded by Coca-Cola cans, and bottles, and tossed an unknown white powder in the air as if he were NBA superstar LeBron James. 

The moment came to an end when Paul finally addressed the rumors of him being a “cokehead” after fans accused him of being high during his brother Logan’s boxing match against Dillon Danis on Oct. 14. 

As a brawl erupted between the two fighter’s camps, Paul interjected himself into the brawl as he appeared to be enraged and profusely sweating. He appeared to aggressively rub his nose, and face repeatedly which prompted fans to advise him to “lay off of the coke” online.

“This is the thing, is I go to brawl in the ring to save my ******* brother,” Paul recalled the moments when the brawl that broke out. “Forty grown men around me, everyone’s huffing and puffing, I’m yelling, ‘You *****, you’re lucky I didn’t kill you.’ and I’m literally drenched in sweat.”

“I come out, everyone knows I’m the most sweatiest person in the world. So I get into the ring to like, go be there for my brother and ****, and I put my hat on and I’m literally sweating down my face, so I’m just like this, trying to get the sweat off of my ******* face,” he continued. 

His girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam, was seen in the vlog sitting beside him as she confirmed that he is indeed a sweaty person. Leerdam also called out fans who falsely accused Paul of being a cocaine user.

As he continued to put the rumors to bed, Paul admitted to being a “mushrooms and wine kinda guy.”

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