Joe Budden Explains His Decision To Scrap Tasha K Interview

After being called out for pulling the plug on his once upcoming Tasha K interview, Joe Budden is now explaining his reasoning. Budden recently decided to share why he chose not to release his interview with controversial media personality, Tasha K. 

“The girl’s work ethic is her work ethic,” he said. “And she has it. Can’t nobody take that away from her. I wanted to learn more about her. Clearly negligence on my part with that whole her, Cardi… they both seem to be entirely too passionate about whatever occurred for even a regular interview to go down.”

“But that interview wasn’t coming out now because of Cardi. Like I already told her, that interview was a problem legally, financially, and algorithmically. It was a lot going on in that interview,” he continued.

In 2019, Cardi sued the online media personality on the grounds of  defamation, intentionally causing emotional distress, and invasion of privacy after several accusatory-filled videos were published on her YouTube channel. In 2022, Cardi won the infamous case, and Tasha K was ordered to pay $4 million to the Bronx rapper. 

During an Instagram live she held on Saturday, Tasha K blasted Budden after he scrapped theirs out of loyalty to Cardi B. 

“I now understand why nobody f**ks with Joe,” she said. “Joe is all bark, but no bite. You said you was going to do this, but then when I hear, ‘Oh, he’s gotta comb through the interview, he’s gotta make sure this and make sure that.’”

She continued to elaborate her regrets on doing an interview with Budden. The Florida native even referred to Cardi as a “BBL.”

“I honestly regret sitting down with him and giving him that one interview that would shake social media so bad that it shook his fake *** … in that lace shirt with his belly sitting over his ****that he did exactly what the BBL told him to do, because just like every other weak-a** Black man they choose *** over bills.” 

After her recent No Jumper interview, Adam22 also called Budden out for being “scared of Cardi B” for not dropping his Tasha K interview.

“Man, I got the podcast game on my back right now,” he exclaimed. “Joe Budden, had Tasha K come all the way out to Jersey and do a multiple hour interview. She was happy about it when I seen her, and he’s not dropping it.”

“He’s scared to death of Cardi B. Scared to death of Offset, he dont wanna have another run in the mall with the QC goons,” Adam continued.

He also hinted that after Budden was advised not to talk about Quality Control artists, he “brought the temperature down.”

Do you think Joe’s reasoning for not releasing his Tasha K interview is valid? Let us know in the comments.

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