Jon Zherka Tells Adam22 He Couldn’t Let His Wife Film With Another Man

The scene involving adult film stars Lena the Plug and Jason Luv continues to make headlines, as Adam22 is continuously asked about the situation with his wife and her recent co-star. This time, controversial livestreamer Jon Zherka sought answers.

While appearing on the No Jumper podcast, the so-called “king of alpha male energy”, Jon Zherka, asked Adam about the financial benefits of permitting his wife to have sex with another man on camera.

“How many millions did you make? Just tell us, bro,” Zherka inquired.

After refusing to answer, Adam replied, “What if it was a billion?”

Zherka then told Adam that he couldn’t do the same, even for a billion dollars.

“You have a kid with her!” he exclaimed.

“So what? I feel like I could do a lot of good with a billion dollars.” Adam retorted.

“What if your kid starts turning black now like what the f*ck is going to happen?” asked Zherka, the self-described professional comedian whose “humor” includes shouting the n-word in public.

After explaining the basics of genetic traits, Zherka promised to not do “any of that red pill sh*t” because he didn’t sense any pain in the host.  

The much-talked-about scene between Lena the Plug and Jason Luv was released on the No Jumper OnlyFans page in July. The sex scene marked the first time in their seven-year relationship that Lena had intercourse with another man. The scene was filmed just days after Lena The Plug and Adam22’s wedding.  

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