JT Reveals Why She Threw Her Phone At Lil Uzi Vert At The BET Awards

Yung Miami and JT spoke with The Breakfast Club to promote the City Girls’ new album RAW. During their interview, JT defended her actions against Lil Uzi Vert. Charlamagne asked her about the incident at the BET Awards, and JT was happy to break down the event.

“Me and Uzi went back into the awards show, and he sat directly back next to Ice Spice, and I sat where Bari was sitting, so it was never a problem, but people don’t report that,” she said.

“And I have to go on there, and people make me get mad at this girl like ‘Oh you mad, you jealous’ and I’m you ain’t even hear me say nothing about ‘woman, *****” nothing like ‘girl, sis’ nothing. Even when I walked up, I said ‘hi’ to her,” she continued.

The fans speculated that JT had been upset that Lil Uzi Vert was sitting next to Ice Spice.

“an artist is supposed to be there,” she explained.

“It was never about that. It was about that you made sure Bari was in his seat like he sitting there and he chillin’ like this when I walk up.. When I got down there, you supposed to check him like ‘Get up and let my girl sit down,” she said.

JT set the record straight about the event and said it had nothing to do with Ice Spice and where she had been sitting. JT confirmed that the female rappers spoke after the incident.

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