JT Sticks Up for Sexyy Red Amid Leaked Sex Tape Scandal

After getting bashed online amid her leaked sex tape scandal, JT is sticking up for Sexyy Red.

Sexyy Red received a severe backlash after her sex tape was leaked on her Instagram stories, despite the backlash JT, the ultimate City Girl came to Red’s defense.

“Girl you know you sexyy!! gone do yo ****, **** what these **’s talkin bout you know you that *****,” she tweeted.  

On Thursday, Oct. 5, the Hood Hottest Princess rapper’s explicit home video was shared through her IG stories, however, she quickly shut down the rumors that she was behind the upload. 

“I’m so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy *** like that,” she tweeted.

While fans slammed the St. Louis rapper, online media personality, DJ Akademics also shared his thoughts about who could have allegedly leaked the explicit video online. He also offered advice to Red.

“I don’t think Sexyy red uploaded that herself… Clearly it’s a ***** holding her phone and recording…that ***** probably just uploaded that *** to her story n called it a day….,” he said.

“Sexyy red gotta stop ******* broke bums wit nothing to lose.. how every ***** she wit desperately tryna let the world know they smashin her. I love how down to earth she is but it’s bout time she leave these ****** wit ankle monitors on .. in they momma houses where they belong,” he continued.

As her child’s father remains behind bars, one of her other partners was recently released from jail, and was placed under house arrest. Days before the tape leak, the man shared a clip of Red sleeping after having sex. 

It is unclear if the mysterious man is allegedly behind the tape leak.

Red caused quite the commotion online this week after she recently was in the hot seat after she shared her admiration for the disgraced former president, Donald Trump.

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