Kai Cenat Confronts Adin Ross For Using The N-word At Birthday Party

After clips of Adin Ross boldly reciting Chief Keef’s lyrics to his hit song, “Don’t Like,” fellow streamer Kai Cenat called out Ross for dropping the N-word. 

Following his viral birthday celebration, Cenat didn’t waste any time confronting Ross on his decision to say the controversial word while the Florida native was streaming. 

“That’s kind of ****** up, bro,” Cenat said. 

During their call, Ross shared that he would say the word if given the chance. 

“***** Right now? I think if we’re at the club, Kai, and I’m drunk, and we’re singing Chief Keef… you know what? Yeah! With you in the club, yeah! Yeah, yeah!” Ross said.

However, he quickly changed his tune after Cenat shared his response to his bold decision. 

“Yeah, I don’t mean no ill intent,” Ross explained. “Well, no, no, no! If it’s offensive, I won’t say it! I won’t say. Only if you’re comfortable with me saying it with a song.”

In the viral clip, Ross can be seen on stage alongside Chief Keef and Tadoe. While the legendary drill rapper was performing, he gave Ross the nod of approval to say the N-word. In the clip, Ross showed hesitation on whether he should take the opportunity.

“The fact that I was on stage with him, and he just put the mic in my face and ****,” Ross shared. “I’m like, ******, bro!’ I asked him, ‘Are you sure, bro?’ He said, ‘Hell yeah!’ I said f**k it, and I let it rip, bro!”

The popular streamer has a history of saying the N-word. In May, Ross made headlines for saying the N-word. Once called out for his online behavior, he denied the accusations. 

He also came under fire after requesting that his fans “act Black” during a competition.

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