Kai Cenat Invites Zendaya Lookalike to Join Him On Twitch Stream

Kai Cenat surprises fans in his latest stream. 

The popular streamer has the internet chatting yet again for his recent stream. The 23-year-old hired a Zendaya lookalike for his Spiderman skit. In the skit, he portrayed a “cheating” Spiderman/Peter Parker who was caught by the celebrity lookalike.

“Zendaya,” he exclaimed. “Zendaya, Zendaya, I can explain Zendaya… listen. Zendaya, look, look … hear me out, ok. It’s not what you think it was, I didn’t ****, I didn’t get to do ****,” he explained. 

He begged the quiet celebrity lookalike to respond, and when she remained silent, he begged her not to leave him.

“I didn’t do ****,” he exclaimed. “It’s not what it looks like; you feel what I’m saying. Please, don’t leave a *****,” he continued. “I swear to God, I swear to God, please. Zendaya,” he yelled as he chased after Ciggybae.

According to Dexerto, the streamer chose to entertain fans as Spiderman 2 was released on PS5 with his reenactment of the well-known scene. As for the lookalike, Cenat hired a popular TikTok content creator who goes by @CiggyBae to play Zendaya.

Many fans noted how much his recent guest looked like the A-list actress. However, others compared the lookalike portraying her well-known Euphoria character, Rue, versus the actress herself. 

The recent internet stunt follows after Memphis rapper GloRilla blocked Cenat online. The Bronx native claimed that the reason was he gave the female rapper a bit of harsh criticism for her latest song, “Cha Cha Cha.”

“After that reaction, bruh …  after that reaction, I noticed I haven’t been seeing her,” he said.

“Bro, there’s no way people are getting this mad, bruh. See, this is what I’m scared of,” he explained after realizing he was blocked.

Do you think Kai will be able to pull the real Zendaya on his stream in the near future? Let us know in the comments.

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