Kai Cenat Surprises Adin Ross With Two Audemars Piguet Watches For His Birthday

It’s safe to say that Adin Ross enjoyed her 23rd birthday. The internet personality livestreamed the festivities from a Dave & Busters in Miami courtesy of none other than rap superstar Drake. Fellow gaming streamer Kai Cenat sat beside Ross on camera to present a pair of expensive gifts: two Audemars Piguet luxury watches.

Upon receiving the first watch after Cenat declared him to be “a big watch guy,” Ross was visibly moved. 

“No, you didn’t,” he said after opening the box and getting the first glimpse of the watch.

Cenet then explained why he picked that particular item for his friend. “I feel like it was perfect. It’s every day. You feel me? You can rock this mother****er every day,” he said after showing the watch to the camera.

Before Ross could try the watch on at the suggestion of others in attendance, Cenat asked him, “What’s better than one?”

“No, you did not get me two mother****ing watches, bro,” Ross responded.

Ross briefly thought that Cenat bought him three watches after mistaking the cover of the second box for a different one altogether. The two laughed at the error, and Cenat said, “I missed you, bro,” before handing him the second gift.

According to Watchcharts, items from the Swiss-made brand can retail for anywhere between $2,937- $447,397.

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