Kay Flock Gives Update From Prison: ‘See Ya Soon’

Kay Flock shares an uplifting message for his fans from jail.

The Bronx-born MC made an impact on the music scene with his spin on drill music. His rise to the top came to a halt when he was indicted on federal racketeering and a murder charge. Flock took to his Instagram to let his fans know that he’ll see them soon.

“Always prepare for the worst but pray for the best,” the Bronx Drill rapper wrote. “Every situation I ever been through, I prevailed 👐❤️ see ya soon…”

Social media users supported the incarcerated rapper with the phrase “Free Flock.” Even though Kay Flock insinuated that he’ll be a free man soon, many commentators felt like this was hard to believe.

Kay Flock was among eight New York gang members indicted on federal racketeering charges earlier this year, which, if convicted, will be a mandatory life sentence. He’s currently behind bars awaiting trial for the shooting that resulted in the death of a man in December 2021 outside of a Bronx barbershop.

Kay Flock’s highest charting song so far is his 2022 viral hit “Shake It,” which features Grammy award-winning artist Cardi B. The song peaked at No. 51 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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